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About Us

Driving you towards the future

Fleet Management Solution (FMS) is one of its kinds in Pakistan providing fleet management solutions via a single platform. FMS has been providing efficient and cost effective fleet management and maintenance services at corporate level throughout the country. FMS business model harness the experience to deliver product and services via a single operating platform.

Fleet Management Solution provides its client with tailored made solutions to meet their needs. We work with our clients to design customized maintenances solutions that significantly reduces their cost while increasing effective use of their fleet.

Putting To Practice

Your fleet is often your most valuable asset. To maintain it, you need a dependable, efficient, effective, and results-focused fleet maintenance partner. You want a partner who delivers their promise - on time and on budget. Fleet Management Solution offers fleet performance-based contracts that ensure your equipment operates optimally. From our industry best practices we keep your fleet on the road. With Fleet Management Solution you'll spend less time focusing on your fleet maintenance, freeing you to concentrate your time and resources on your core services and customers. Additionally, our fleet maintenance systems, programs, and procedures meet rigorous performance standards customized to your unique fleet requirements and goals. Regardless of the size of your fleet, you'll benefit from best-in-class programs to:

Reduce downtime

Reduce downtime and increase fleet availability with our rigorous preventive and predictive maintenance programs.

Increase vehicle lifecycles

Increase vehicle lifecycles with strict standards that ensure all preventive maintenance and repairs are completed in point in time.


Improve equipment reliability with warranted repairs performed by highly skilled technicians using the latest in indicative equipment.

Enhance fleet management

Enhance fleet management control through daily Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) and clearly defined performance standards and reports.

Services Offered

Your fleet is Unique-your maintenances should be too. You will save time, money and headaches with Fleet Management Solutions. We work with your program so that your fleet vehicles are serviced without hindrance. Need mobile maintenance for outlying vehicles? No problem. Our skilled technicians provide mobile maintenance services to keep your fleet moving – regardless of where it is.

Some of the services offered by Fleet Management Solutions include :

  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Repairs
  • Work order management
  • Collision/Body Repair Coordination
  • Accident Management
  • Insurance and Warranty claim settlement
  • 24/7 Road Calls/Mobile Maintenance
  • Mobile Repair Units
  • Vehicle Preparation/Disposal
  • Management Services
  • Quality Assurance
  • Providing Alternate Vehicle on demand
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Why outsource your Fleet

Fleet management and maintenance are not the core business function of companies so outsourcing your fleet with fleet management solutions you will huge benefits some of which includes

Get in the line with fleet management solutions you will get the valuable expertise is an asset to the company

Now days companies are under pressure to reduce their budgets, having an outsourcing partner who brings insight, experience, processes, and skills into the business can accelerate growth plans. Fleet Management Solution work with their client to learn why they want to grow and what goals they have for their business in order to create a successful plan of action.

Outsourcing leads to measurable, increased efficiencies and improved company focus

With outsourcing your fleet with Fleet Management Solutions you will see increased efficiency for any number of different aspects of the company. With Fleet Management Solutions Companies spending less time on their fleets, they have more energy to focus on core business tasks. Fleet operations see multiple benefits, including heightened fleet availability and reliability, higher cash flow, and increased productivity.

Getting you back on the road faster

Outsourcing your vehicle maintenance with Fleet Management Solution means that your fleet is looked after by a team of experts, who will arrange repairs and complete paperwork and payment swiftly, getting your vehicles back on the road quickly. This means minimal productivity losses for your business.

Approval and checking of work for quality

Fleet Management Solution will monitor the quality of any work done, and sign off any quotes before work can begin. This saves you money by avoiding unnecessary work and ensures that any repairs completed are of the highest quality.

Outsourcing leads to heightened human resource productivity
  • Redirected resources. Companies get the opportunity to use financial and personnel resources for core business tasks as opposed to non-core activities.
  • Decreased head count. One of the most effective and quickest techniques for managing human resource requirements is outsourcing maintenance operations leading to decreased head count.

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